Southern African Association of Certification Bodies – Ethical Conduct

Members shall:


  • Uphold the high standards of accredited certificates.
  • Undertake only work, which they are competent to perform.
  • Take responsibility for their work.
  • Avoid any conflict of interest between themselves, their clients and those concerned with the ultimate use of goods or services concerned.
  • Not misrepresent the certification service they provide, or the status of the bodies they have certified.
  • Not permit any publication, written or oral, to give the impression that certification and consultancy are linked.
  • Act professionally and with fairness.
  • Assure adequate cover against the risk of liability.



Members are free to compete with one another for business within their scope of competence. However, such competition shall not be conducted in such a way as to undermine the integrity of certification/registration or the SAACB code of ethical conduct.