Code of Conduct



  • The Association is a registered non-profit company concerned with the promotion of accredited certification.
    • Membership consists of companies and institutions involved with certification and/or registration of Management Systems, Products and Personnel.
    • This certification is available to organizations to provide continuing independent assurance that their goods, services, processes or personnel conform to specific standards or requirements, which are recognized nationally and internationally.
    • Associate membership is granted to those organizations supporting the work of accredited certification or to certification bodies who have applied for accreditation.


Ethical Conduct

All members shall:

  • Uphold the high standard of accredited certificates.
    • Undertake only work, which they are competent to perform.
    • Take responsibility for their work.
    • Avoid any conflict of interest between themselves, their clients and those concerned with the ultimate use of the goods or services concerned.
    • Not misrepresent the certification service they provide, or the status of the bodies they have certified.
    • Not permit any publication, written or oral, to give the impression that certification and consultancy are linked.
    • Act professionally and with fairness.
    • Assure adequate cover against the risk of liability.

All members shall not improperly disclose information gained from participation in SAACB activities.



Members shall verify periodically that they are in conformance with the requirements of this Code of Conduct and all other conditions of membership of the SAACB.

If a complaint against a member is received, the Association will promptly investigate the matter in accordance with the SAACB Constitution.